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Welcome to Jaipur Calgary Eye Hospital          Biotechnology

MALVIYA NAGAR, JAIPUR(INDIA) 2521384, 2521389, 2520991

Majaraj Jai Singh President 2225056
Shri U.M Chordia Secretary 5104412
Shri S.S.Parnami  Director IAS(R)  2520991

  At present 6 senior eye Surgeons are working on full time basis and one on part time basis.  Surgeons possess experience of 10 to 25 years in Ophthalmology.  Five diploma holders ophthalmic assistants/refractionist are serving the hospital. It has also its own pathological laboratory for operable cases.  The services of Anesthesists, Physician and Biochemist are available in the Hospital.  

            Surgeonís team comprise of the following :-

1.                   Dr. Avinash Bhargava, M.S.(1973), F.C.L.I.,Chief Medical Officer

2.                  Dr. Y.K.Kalia              M.S. (1984) Officer I/c DOT Training

3.                  Dr. Rakshita Kothari    M.S. (1991)

4.                  Dr. Ruchi Bhargava     M.S. (1989)

5.                  Dr. Rama Dubey          M.S. (1991)

6.                  Dr. Anju Batra              M.S. (1998)


             The paramedical & supporting staff available at hospital is :-

             Para medical staff

             1.         Ophthalmic Asstt.         -           7 Nos.

                        including Optometrists.

            2.         Female Nurse               -           3 Nos.

            3.         Lab. Technicians           -           2 Nos.

            4.         Theatre Assistant          -           1 No. 

            Supporting staff

              1.         Accounts officer           -         1 No.

            2.         Accountant                   -           1 No.

            3.         Asstt. Adm. Officer      -           1 No.

            4          J.En.                             -           1 No.

            5          Sr.Stenographer         -           1 No.  

            6.         Clerical Staff                 -         4 Nos.     & others

The Hospital has established a Vitreo Retinal Unit in which services of a renowned Retinal Surgeon are available. Services of Dr. Vineet Pradhan, M.S.,D.O.M.S., D.N.B.(Ophth) are available daily The unit is equipped with Green Laser and vitrectomy machine, etc.
Specialized.In 2006, the Hospital established a Cornea Clinic where the services of an expert surgeon are available twice a week on Tuesday and Thrusday. All necessary corneal surgeries including Keratoplasty is done.
Special Offer

We have also established a Glaucoma Clinic very recently.  A new imported (Humphry) Auto Field Analyzer has been  installed for this unit.  Dr. A.C. Bhargava, M.S. and Chief Medical Officer is incharge this Unit.

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